Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Fundala Petroleum Products Trading is a renowned player in the global Oil & Gas market, providing dependable solutions for downstream activities. With its dedication to quality, the company has emerged as a top choice for customers worldwide.

Fundala Petroleum Products Trading offers a wide range of products that are sourced and sold in the international market. These products include D2, EN590 10ppm, EN590 50ppm, EN 590 500 ppm, EN590 5000 ppm Jet Fuel A1, Pet coke, Base Oil, LCO, AGO, Octane 93, and Octane 95. Additionally, the company also deals in Coal, Sulphur Granular, Sulphur Lumps, Urea Prilled and Granular, DAP, and NPK.

D2 is a widely used diesel fuel, EN590 10ppm and EN590 50ppm are low-sulfur diesel fuels that comply with European emission standards, and EN 590 500 ppm and EN590 5000 ppm are diesel fuels with higher sulfur content. Jet Fuel A1 is a high-quality aviation fuel used in the aviation industry. Pet coke is a carbon-rich fuel source used in various industrial processes. Base Oil is a crucial component in the production of lubricants, while LCO and AGO are different grades of diesel fuel. Octane 93 and Octane 95 are gasoline grades with different octane ratings.

Apart from these petroleum products, Fundala Petroleum Products Trading also deals in Coal and Sulphur, which are used as fuel sources in various industries. The company also provides agricultural products such as Urea Prilled and Granular, DAP, and NPK, which are essential for plant growth.

In conclusion, Fundala Petroleum Products Trading is a reliable and well-established player in the Oil & Gas market, offering a diverse range of high quality products to customers worldwide. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a top choice for downstream activities in the industry.

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