About Fundala

Fundala is a cross border advisory firm focussing on the IMEA (India & Middle East) region. Fundala specializes in business set-up solutions, company formation and management, offshore incorporations, international tax planning, accounting & reporting services, corporate finance, outsourcing solutions, IT Services, Health and Safety and recruitment services.

In the current business scenario, organizations as well as individuals are seeking solutions to optimize profits, reduce the incidence of tax and protect their assets. This necessitates thorough planning and choosing the appropriate structure to be established and maintained.

Fundala is dedicated to providing quality service and customized solutions to clients maintaining highest standards of excellence. With a multi-jurisdictional presence and pragmatic approach, our clients are advised and guided by a team of experts with an in depth understanding of the often complex requirements. As business advisors in the global environment, we add value to your business by foreseeing changes, anticipating probable risks specific to your business and providing comprehensive solutions to enable you to succeed. Fundala prides in its dynamic team of professionals committed to provide client satisfaction. We offer our clients one stop business solutions.

We maintain close contact with network members and professional organisations through international referral engagements, by attending regular meetings and conferences, sending newsletters and thereby updating ourselves constantly.

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