Fire Fighting System Maintenance

Fundala’s maintenance consultancy service helps companies plan and implement maintenance management systems to meet the needs of the organizations. We develop efficient, cost-effective maintenance strategies and procedures aimed at minimising downtime while keeping safety, environmental and production impact issues at the forefront of all maintenance activity planning.

Our consultants have a range of experience and expertise and are skilled in the practical implementation of solutions. As a company we offer a range of services either partnering with associate organisations or managing and leading our own associates independently. Services we provide include:

  • Maintenance Consulting
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Business Process Consulting and Documentation
  • Work Management Workflow Design
  • Data Quality Analysis

Many a time organisations ponder over the worthiness of going for maintenance consultancy; the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. By helping an organisation put in the right fire protection systems and processes into place, Fundala ensure that maintenance can enhance an organisation’s economic value by safeguarding assets and reducing downtime in case of a fire risk occurrence.