Competency Frame Work Modeling

Understanding competencies is key to HR strategy. As a pioneer and world leader in this space, Fundala can help you use competency models to refine your selection and development processes.

The issue

Competency frameworks are the fundamental underpinnings of human resource strategies, because they reveal the skills that an organization needs to be successful. Modelling an effective competency framework is a complex task, though, because it must reflect business and culture as well as comprising a complex set of behavioral patterns.

Why Us?

Fundala is the pioneer in competency modelling. Our competency models are unique, reflecting the complex realities of performance. They show how characteristics interrelate in different situations to differentiate performance. Our competency models enable you to be both more flexible and more precise in your selection decisions. They help you to understand development needs and priorities – and they help identify patterns for career paths.

We look at the full spectrum of what a person brings to work. Each competency identifies a range of behaviors, arrayed in levels of increasing complexity. We use a variety of methods to develop role-based competency modelling – from in-depth interviews to focus groups, or using our