Employee Engagement Surveys

Identify Your Team’s Performance Drivers through Employee Engagement Survey.

Without accurate insight of your team’s engagement level and their desired performance drivers, it would be useless to work on business strategies and action plans. Rewarding your team with monetary incentives may not be the best performance driver. The biggest danger is relying too much on the data from general national and industrial reports.

  • You team is unique and different.
  • They need your special attention.
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Information is power. Insight and intelligence brings success to your business. The right insights at the right time make all the difference in driving smart decisions about workforce strategy, training programs and investments. Fundala can help you translates data from your employee engagement survey into workable strategies that increase your team’s performance, improve the return on training investment and drive measurable business results.

Our surveys draw on our unique combination of human psychology expertise, business management and collections of employee engagement surveys across industries locally to provide information that can be translated into actions. Using technology to design your employee engagement survey, we ensure that data collected is treated with confidentiality and sensitivity.

We provide are meaningful interpretations and recommendations so that you can work on your business strategies with or without our further intervention. We will assure you that the insight from your own organisation employee engagement survey will produce measurable results from employees in terms of attitudes, behaviours and performance.

Why Fundala?

Our employee engagement solutions ensures your team to deliver peak performance, increase talent retention and achieve the greater return on your investments through the right kind of rewards. We can design and administer your employee engagement survey in multiple languages without being misinterpreted.