HR Transformation

Our three fundamental objectives: (1) focus on talent and develop the next generation of leaders, (2) standardize HR policies, programs and operations so the company can quickly reconfigure itself in response to changing global market conditions; and (3) focus on workforce management to enable new business models including M&A, divestitures, alliances and joint ventures and new market entry.

HR operations are no longer the primary focus of HR Transformation (HRT). With so many companies having already accomplished big improvements, efficiency has become table stakes. The real value in HR Transformation today involves leveraging those operational improvements to support and align with the broader business strategy. That’s the definition of Business-driven HR – and it’s where we excel.

Bottom-line Benefits
  • Add value to the business by aligning HR operations with business goals
  • Get and retain the talent required to support the business
  • Streamline core HR processes with a global model that can adapt to local needs
  • Reduce the time HR must spend on low value activities
  • Strategically group HR services to allow more effective outsourcing
  • Improve delivery, process and staffing models
  • Identify cost saving opportunities