Work Force Capability Development

Our Services include effective and innovative programmes aimed at holistic development including professional executive training, health and fitness, social responsibility and behavioural and perspective building programmes.

We put people at the heart of our efforts and partner clients to support in the development of their people and themselves.

Optimise Your People & Performance

We will work with you to optimise your organisation’s performance through enhancing strategic alignment, improving workforce dynamics and increasing overall performance through innovative and tailored solutions. We enhances performance outcomes while workforce planning aligns capability with the organisation’s critical success factors.

We offer a range of information sessions and workshops on workforce capability, which can be tailored to meet your team or organisation’s needs. Information sessions and workshops can be standalone or incorporated into any of the services that Fundala provides.

This program is specifically designed for managers and leaders, focusing on workforce capability. Workshops include information and educational components, in addition to experiential aspects such as activity and practice. All of our programs commence with an initial needs analysis with the client which allows programs to be tailored accordingly.

Areas that we support include:
  • Identifying skills, knowledge and abilities in line with future needs
  • Strategic workforce analysis and workforce planning
  • Competency frameworks
  • Identifying and addressing key challenges to workforce planning implementation
  • Key capabilities for staff, in addition to, supervisors, managers and leaders
  • Workforce development for sustainability
  • Models of workforce development
  • Managing human capital to develop capabilities
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Professional development and learning
  • Performance management and career planning